Carey Bell

  • BORN: November 14, 1936, Macon, Mississippi
  • DIED: May 6, 2007, Chicago, Illinois
  • vocals harmonica bass



Gettin Up: Live at Buddy Guy's Legends Rosa's [DVD] [Import]
キャリー&ローリー・ベル親子の力作。長らく入院していたキャリーは椅子に座ってのプレイであったが、ほとんどの曲でボーカルをとり、味のある、力強いハーモニカを聞かせている。ローリーのギターは絶好調で、「Baby Please Don't Go」では歌も歌っている。バンドをバックにした2ヶ所でのライヴ・セッション(2006年7月27日にローザズ・ラウンジ、10月28日にバディ・ガイズ・レジェンドで収録)に加え、ローリーの自宅での親子だけのデュオ演奏(ローザズのステージの翌日)も収録。最後はローリーが妻に向って歌いかける「Stand by Me」。


September 1964, Chicago, Illinois
  • I'm Ready
  • Carey'n On
  • Crusin' In A Cadillac
September 1964, Chicago, Illinois
  • Mr. Bell's Shuffle
  • Burning Heat
February 12, 1969, Chicago, Illinois
May 6, 1969, Chicago, Illinois
October 3, 1969, American Folk Blues Festival, London
  • Going Up And Down (by Earl Hooker)
  • Rocking With Chromanica/I Feel Bad Bad Bad
  • Blue Shadows Fall (by Earl Hooker)
April 4, 1972, Chicago, Illinois
  • Have A Good Time (by Walter Horton)
  • Christine (by Walter Horton)
  • Under The Sun (by Walter Horton)
  • Lovin' My Baby (by Walter Horton)
  • Little Boy Blue (by Walter Horton)
  • Can't Hold Out Much Longer (by Walter Horton)
  • Have Mercy (by Walter Horton)
  • Temptation Blues (by Walter Horton)
March 15, 1977, Chicago, Illinois
  • Carey Bell Rocks
  • Heartaches And Pains
  • One Day You're Gonna Get Lucky
  • Black-Eyed Peas
  • So Hard To Leave You Alone
  • Stop That Train, Conductor
  • Everything's Gonna Be All Right
  • Capri Crash
March 10, 1981, Kamen, Germany
  • I Need You So Bad (vocal by Lurrie Bell)
  • Man And The Blues (vocal by Lurrie Bell)
May 27-29 & June 1-2, 1982, Chicago, Illinois
  • Ballbuster
  • Better Break It Up
  • I'm A Fool
  • Kick Me In The Pants
  • Rollin' And Tumblin' (vocal by Lurrie Bell)
  • Worried Heartache Blues (vocal by Lurrie Bell)
  • Highway Is My Life
  • If The Ocean Was Whiskey
  • I've Got To Leave Chi-Town (vocal by Lurrie Bell)
  • Gate Bait
June 28-29, 1982, Odyssey Sound Studio, Chicago, Illinois
  • Goin' On Main Street
  • Heartaches And Pain
  • Easy To Love You
  • Train Ticket
  • When A Woman Get In Trouble
  • Tribute To Big Walter
January 1991, Kouvola, Finland
  • Stop Running 'Round
  • Trouble In My Way (vocal by Lurrie Bell)
  • The Road Is So Long
  • Wrapped Up In Love
  • Rock Me (vocal by Lurrie Bell)
  • Short Dress Woman
  • Five Long Years
  • Got To Leave Chi-Town (vocal by Lurrie Bell)
  • Heartaches And Pain
  • Key To The Highway (vocal by Lurrie Bell)
  • Do You Hear?
  • Here I Go Again (vocal by Lurrie Bell)
early Spring 1994, Chicago, Illinois
July 27, 2006, Rosa's Lounge, Chicago, Illinois
  • What My Mama Told Me
  • Gettin' Up
  • Baby Please Don't Go (vocal by Lurrie Bell)
  • Bell's Back
July 28, 2006, Lurrie Bell's Home, Chicago, Illinois
  • Broke And Hungry
  • When I Get Drunk
  • Short Dress Woman
  • Stand By Me (vocal by Lurrie Bell)
October 21, 2006, Buddy Guy's Legends, Chicago, Illinois
  • One Day
  • Leavin' In The Morning
  • Last Night
  • Low Down Dirty Shame


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